The good times of the past 30 years have created economic & political exposures for firms & countries in a changing world
The economic and political aftershocks from Russia’s invasion continued this week, from Europe to Asia. Deep structural change is underway.
Domestic political risks with global economic & geopolitical consequences loom large around the world from China to the US. Brace for shocks.
Technology leadership is not enough to control the commanding heights of the global economy; physical flows are also central
The sanctions imposed on Russia, and stakeholder pressure on firms, suggest that values will increasingly shape global economic relations
Countries are being forced to make hard choices as the global system fragments. Small states are at the sharp end of this. 
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has implications for China’s relationship with the global economy, with likely disruptive economic consequences
From stagflation risks to oil price shocks, there are parallels to the 1970s. But the more interesting insights are how (not) to respond to economic…
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