What is small world?

In these small world notes, I write on global economic, geopolitical, and policy issues from a small economy perspective. From the future of globalisation to geopolitical competition and the post-Covid economy, there are disruptive changes underway that governments, firms, and investors need to understand and respond to.

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I write small world primarily for decision-makers/advisors/strategists in governments, firms, and financial institutions around the world that are looking for insights on the emerging global economic and political environment. And also for anyone that is simply interested in understanding these issues.

Each small world note focuses on selected global developments that I assess to be important, and provides a high-level take on the implications.

Readers of small world get a real time (or first draft) sense of how I am thinking about current global developments: what matters, what doesn’t matter, what does this tell us about the future, what should be on the strategic agenda?

I write on global issues from a small economy perspective, which brings a different lens than many large country voices. Because of their deep exposures to global developments, small economies are very thoughtful about what is happening and how to position in response. So read these notes if you want a slightly different take on global developments

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Who is David?

I’m David Skilling, Founding Director at Landfall Strategy Group: a firm that provides insights and advisory services to businesses, investors, and governments on global economic, geopolitical, and policy dynamics. I have decades of experience working in and around government and business across the world, from the Asia Pacific to the Middle East and Europe, helping institutions navigate a changing global context. 

These small world notes cover some of the issues that we engage with our clients on in a much more detailed, bespoke manner. Please do get in touch with us at contact@landfallstrategy.com if you would like to discuss how we can support you.

You can also connect with me on twitter and LinkedIn.

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